A photograph of Amy, the author. She has long ginger hair with a blonde streak. She is seen in the reflection of an antique mirror, mixing herbs in a black pestle and mortar. Crystal towers and lit candles can also be seen reflected in the mirror.

Hi, I’m Amy.

I’m a practicing solitary Witch whose craft largely focuses on the use of local plants and incorporation of folk traditions – not necessarily an easy task when you live in a city flat/apartment. Researching local traditions and finding ways to integrate them into my own practice is incredibly important to me as it allows me to connect with and further understand the local natural and cultural landscape.

With a background in Archaeology and Anthropology (BA, MPhil), I’ve long been interested in these topics. Although my current work focuses on cultural heritage, ethnography, and folk tradition in rural areas of Southern Albania, I have experience in areas such as British Early Medieval archaeology, Historical archaeology and Conflict heritage.

Originally from the Essex/East London border I now live in a very urban area of Bristol, South-West England with my partner and daughter, and our hamster Charlie.